A Poster Making Competition was organized on the World Wetlands Day at Smart School Sukhsal.

At Government Senior Secondary Smart School Sukhsal a painting competition on World Wetlands Day was organized by teacher Sohan Singh Chahal under the guidance of school Principal Gurdeep Kumar Sharma.

Government Senior Secondary Smart School Sukhsal

Giving information, teacher Sohan Singh Chahal said that a reservoir is that part of the land, which is fully or partially filled with water throughout the year and there are many natural resources in such a place which are useful for humans, animals, birds. Wetlands are very important for environmental protection. In view of the poor state of natural resources and to protect Wetlands around the world and to make people aware of their importance, World Wetlands Day began on February 2, 1971 with the launch of the Wetlands Convention in Ramsar, Iran. India became a part of it in 1982 and India has 80 reservoirs covering 1,332,200 hectares of land. There are a total of six Wetlands in Punjab, Harike Wetland, Ropar Wetland, Kanjali Wetland, Keshopur – Miani Community Reserve, Beas Conservation Reserve and Nangal Wildlife Sanctuary. Which are designated as International Wetlands according to Ramsar Sites. He said that the main purpose of this painting competition is to make students and people aware about the safety of this precious treasure given by nature. The students who did the best painting were also honored on this occasion.

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